"Great place for physical therapy and rehab. I had my ACL replaced and did my rehab here. I'm really glad I chose to drive a little further to use Fortanasce. My PT trainer was Johnny Chen and I couldn't be more satisfied. Johnny and the crew (Allan, Kyle, Alicia and the exercise crew) were all excellent. They were friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help anytime. They're a real team there. Through hard work and regular PT sessions I've regained my full range of motion and strength in my knee. As I write this, I'm 11 weeks into my recovery so I still have a ways to go until I have fully recovered but thanks to Fortanasce, I'm confident that I'll complete my rehab on my own. I chose them because they have a large facility with all of the special equipment you need to develop a comprehensive rehab plan. I highly recommend Fortanasce to help you with your rehab."

Rob S.

"Very impressed with every single person I am in contact with here. Professional and uplifting environment. Julie and Tamara are AMAZING. They don't stop until they find a solution. Very hands on and they care about the people they are helping to heal."

Jeannette B.
Court Stenographer

"I want to thank Fortanasce Physical Therapy and Rehab. for changing my life! That sounds like a big statement, but I have had 10 surgeries in 10 years, including 3 fusions of the neck and low back. When I came to Fortanasce, I was on a 4-wheel walker, extremely weak. I had to pull on rails to do a few stairs and frequently fell due to balance problems. The physical therapist started treatment in the warm water therapy pool. I started to improve and gradually became strong enough to move to the gym for exercise. Each session addressed where I was that day, what I was having trouble with, and where I wanted to be in the future. On days when I didn't have a P.T. session, I could pay a small fee and use the gym or therapy pool. The P.T.s and staff made themselves available to answer questions or help set up equipment. Many exercises I could do at home if I preferred. I also took advantage of signing up for their balance program and falls are now really rare. I can climb stairs, walk without walker or cane,including being able to go on 2 vacations that required lots of walking. I have even returned to my favorite thing -- hiking in the Sierras, when I get a chance. I have continued to return to Fortanasce after subsequent surgeries because of the warm care, steady progress, and high-level therapy skills. And I should know -- I'm a physical therapist!"

Susan C.
Physical Therapist

"I am so grateful that my home health physical therapist recommended Fortanasce Physical Therapy Center for my rehab. From the moment I first walked into their lobby, I felt welcomed, and I knew I was in good hands. Due to the complexity of my knee and leg injury, it took a long time and some creative methods by my therapist, Ryan, and special attention by conditioning coaches Nick and Melanie, but I am thrilled to have regained normal range of motion and strength. Everyone that worked with me was friendly, encouraging and talented. Bravo!"

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement!

Eileen B.
Grateful Patient

"When I was in 9th grade, I tore my PCL (a ligament in my knee) while playing basketball. Because of the injury, I had to sit out my entire freshman season of high school Varsity basketball. It not only served as a huge setback physically, but also freaked me out mentally and emotionally. I was recommended to Fortanasce by my basketball coach, who used to work as a trainer here. She assured me that I'd be in good hands, and though I was nervous to work with a complete stranger at first, Fortanasce quickly became something of a second home to me. I went 2-3 times a week, working with Johnny Chen. Though he was my official physical therapist, I worked with a couple different trainers. They made sure I was doing each of the exercises correctly, but also challenging myself by increasing reps or doing more weight. Though I worked with him in the clinic a couple times a week, Johnny would also give me lists of strengthening exercises to do at home, in order to keep my knee active. Because I'm only about 4'11" (tiny for a basketball player), I had to revise my game after my PCL tear. Instead of driving into the paint, getting contact, and being knocked to the ground, I had to learn to be more of a three-point threat. Because Johnny also played high school basketball, he was able to give me tips on how to play safer and smarter, but still effective. After several months of balancing exercises, weight training, lunges, and icing, I was ready to go again. Fortanasce had helped me get back to my feet, slowly but surely, and thanks to them, I've now successfully completed my senior year of high school basketball. Their dedication, positivity, and enthusiasm made my healing process so much easier to get through, and I'm so grateful to know I didn't have to do it alone."

Elise T.
High School Basketball Player

"I have rehabbed injuries at other facilities in the area and although they do a reasonable job Fortanasce is clearly above the rest. Their daily, personal, one on one attention to me and my ACL reconstruction rehab not only encouraged me to work hard, but they made sure I did each exercise the right way each and every day. That one on one personal focus and interest in me through the ups and downs of rehab is what has me back to 100% and once again playing basketball, tennis and skiing at competitive levels. Fortansce doesn't treat each person, each knee, ankle, back or shoulder the same way - rather each seems to get treated individually by their experienced, professional staff from start to finish. It's that one on one attention that's unique and makes the difference."

Greg F.
Co-Founder E-Harmony

"I have been a Professional Racehorse Jockey for 34 years. My injuries that have required physical therapy at Fortanasce include a fractured c-spine in 2003, a fractured collarbone and rotator cuff surgery in 2005, a fractured hip 2007 needing two surgeries and MLD surgery at (L-5,S-1 in) 2010. With each physical therapy appointment, I was treated with the utmost respect and support. All the personnel at Fortanasce make the patient and their needs a priority. The physical therapist's knowledge and ability to assist in my rehabilitation were outstanding. They took the time to explain why each procedure was needed and how it would help to regain strength and flexibility. I hope to avoid any further injuries but if needed, Fortanasce is the only place I will go for physical therapy. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone in need of their services."

Danny S.
Professional Racehorse Jockey

"I played 3 years of baseball Denison University and have since gotten the opportunity to finish my college baseball career at Pepperdine University. I first rehabbed at Fortanasce in July of 2010. I had torn the Posterior Cruiciate Ligament in my left knee in November of 2008. In spite of rehab conducted by the university training staff I was not quite the same after. The first day I rehabbed at Fortanasce, my knee was very swollen to the point where many staff members wondered how I was still walking. Since then, I was able to not only reduce the swelling, but have recovered to as close to 100% as I have ever been and have even gotten faster than I was before the injury. I had so much fun working with and being pushed by every member of the Fortanasce team.

The exercises that go along with rehabbing a knee can be tedious and I have often have trouble motivating myself when working on my own, but that is not the case at all at Fortanasce. The team treats me well every time I return and has a genuine interest in my baseball career and me. I was such a believer that I was able to convince my Dad to rehab at Fortanasce, and he has loved it as well. Since I started at Fortanasce, I was able to get, and stay, healthy enough to have a successful, injury-free season at Denison, which allowed me an opportunity to earn a roster spot at Pepperdine. I know full well looking back over my baseball career that I never would have had a chance had I not rehabbed at Fortanasce. I will be forever grateful to the entire staff. Thank you all so much.

Matt F.
Division I College Baseball Player