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Our Story

We are "Committed to Excellence in Patient Care." We provide the highest quality patient care and education.

Fortanasce & Associates has been “Committed to Excellence in Patient Care” since we first opened our doors in 1981. Our 11,000 square foot Arcadia facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation, strength, cardiovascular, balance and testing equipment to facilitate and document functional performance improvements for all clients.

The team at Fortanasce & Associates has provided training and education in rehabilitation, evaluation and prevention of athletic injuries to athletes from Major League Baseball, the National Football League, United States Figure Skating, the United States Olympic Committee and, since 2009, the athletes, coaches and team physicians of China's National Training Center in Beijing. Our expert clinicians teach at leading physical therapy programs throughout Southern California.

In 2000, Fortanasce & Associates became the first private practice in the nation to establish an APTA accredited Orthopaedic Residency Program. Our clinics also serve as the first international internship/residency clinics for the rehabilitation specialists of China's Provincial and National Training Centers as well as rehabilitation centers for some of their most elite athletes. When choosing where you will do your physical therapy, occupational therapy or fitness/wellness program, look to the clinics professional and Olympic athletes as well as over 100 physicians and their families have received their care.

Our Core Values

Patient-Focused: Patients always come first here at Fortanasce and we value each of our patient's individual goals and needs. We customize our treatments to each individual, and try to create a family-friendly environment that promotes optimal healing. When a patient steps into our doors their concerns become ours and we remain steadfast and committed in addressing them.

Compassion & Empathy: We understand that injuries, health problems, and unfortunate life circumstances oftentimes result in individuals seeking physical therapy or other rehabilitation services. We are here to serve our patients, and we aim to do so with an extra measure of understanding and compassion, especially when there are difficult circumstances or substantial hurdles and obstacles to overcome. Our clinicians strive not only to meet the physical needs of our patients, but to address the well-being of the entire individual.

Commitment to Excellence: We are focused on excellence in our clinical care and our healthcare practitioners continually engage in professional development opportunities to expand their skills. Our clinicians value the importance of education and we regularly provide clinical internship opportunities to U.S and international graduate physical therapy students.

Our Mission Statement

Fortanasce is a physical therapy practice that measures success by the lives we change in the community we serve. We are known for our patient-centered care and a commitment to excellence. We treat out patients like family. We believe that within every person is the capacity for healing and that our goal is to create an environment where healing can occur.

Look to the best! Look to Fortanasce & Associates.

At Fortanasce & Associates Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center, "We Care!"
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